Big Data Analytics

BlueGranite’s expert consultants help you 
navigate through complex requirements,
system dependencies and data quality issues
to create an analytics platform that delivers
insights in real-time.

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About Us

Founded in 1997, BlueGranite is a business analytics consulting firm specializing in the architecture design, implementation and support of modern data platforms.  Our passion is helping clients garner more value and insight from their data using a portfolio of tools from Microsoft.

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Defining Data Lakes 

data lakes

The interest in Data Lakes has been increasing for several years.  Discover the differences between traditional data warehouse strategies and the new Modern Data Platform approach using Data Lakes.  

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The Role of Power Users

self service bi

Are you considering a self-service BI strategy? Learn more about self-service BI, the role Power Users can play, and how they can factor into the growth and aoption of self-service BI across your enterprise.

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Streaming Analytics

streaming analytics cloud

Capturing and analyzing streaming data has always been a challenge. Here's an example of how to use Microsoft's new Azure Stream Analytics platform to capture, aggregate, and analyze web traffic data in real-time.

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