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At BlueGranite, we help our clients utilize data as a strategic asset, delivering modern data architecture and data integration solutions to drive insights and analytics across your organization. Our cloud scale analytics solutions monitor trends, measure performance, and provide real-time analytics for rapid, informed decision making. We leverage industry leading technology from Microsoft to build modern data platforms that reduce operating costs, increase market share, improve workforce efficiency, and so much more.


Data Lakes in a Modern Data Architecture

What does it really mean to implement a modern data architecture? Like many other technology initiatives, it depends on the implementation objectives.

Today's business leaders understand that data holds the key to making educated and supportable decisions - but with all the marketing hype around data lakes and big data, it can be difficult to understand how a data lake solution could resolve your analytics needs.

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Stage One


Gain an understanding of business cases, vision and strategy for data and analytics; explore new and innovative solutions to gain insights from data and improve data availability. We provide workshops, proof-of-value engagements, and QuickStarts to help you begin your journey.


Stage Two


Make it real! BlueGranite will architect, build and deploy new BI and analytics solutions to address pain and realize the projected gain for your organization. We'll combine our deep experience with the latest tools for data and analytics for both cloud and on-premise scenarios.


Stage Three


Harvest and extend the value of your investment in analytics solutions through long-term support, maintenance, and enhancement. Change organizational culture through the establishment of a Center of Excellence complete with governance initiatives from data management to self-service BI.


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Whether you’re struggling to implement advanced analytics, want to get more from your data, need to do more with your business intelligence or want to create a data culture, we can help. Learn more about how our experienced team can help you move your business forward.

We’re much more than technology specialists — we’re trusted advisors. Our team’s deep expertise and passion for what we do combined with our collaborative approach help you get the insights you need quickly and easily.

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BlueGranite Case Studies

From retail to manufacturing, and so much more. We have helped a wide variety of companies get the most from their data. No matter the industry your company serves, chances are we can help. Take a look at our list of industry solutions highlighted in our case studies below.


2018 Partner of the Year Award Finalist

Data & AI Expertise Earned 2018 MSUS Data & AI Partner Award

  • Best practices for Planning a Power BI Rollout to your organization
  • Power BI RolloutDue to Power BI’s varied features and capabilities, when organizations plan to roll it out there can be confusion as to who should use it and how. In this one-hour webinar, you will gain a better understanding of how to effectively plan a rollout and minimize risk through a step-by-step process.

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  • Cortana Intelligence SuiteThe potential for Cloud Analytics and the promise of the Modern Data Platform are two components of a sweeping trend that is giving companies massive competitive advantage over slower movers. In this one-hour session, learn how advanced analytics can help your organization deliver cloud analytics quickly and efficiently.

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  • Biml

    Learn how to use Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) and Excel to facilitate metadata-driven SSIS development. We'll use database schema information plus Excel inputs to implement a small data mart from staging through the dimensional model, all in an hour!

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  • Text Analytics

    Due to changes in the technology landscape with tools like Hadoop, R, and pre-built solutions in Microsoft Azure, many of the traditional barriers for text analytics have been reduced or eliminated. Learn how to create text analytics solutions using the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

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  • Advanced Analytics

    R statistical computing has grown from a research and prototyping tool into a key component of commercial analytics platforms. The greatest evidence of this may be in Microsoft’s acquisition and subsequent embedding of Revolution R in its key data and analytics technologies.

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  • Data Visualization

    As data volumes within organizations are growing at an unprecedented scale, it is no surprise to see data visualizations being used more frequently as a means of communication. However, many organizations are unable to unlock the true power of data.

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Is your organization fully utilizing Power BI?

With Power BI features growing to an all-time high, it can be a challenge to keep up with new visual components, create compelling dashboards, and truly own your data. Our expertly designed, instructor-led Power BI training course will leave you and your team with the knowledge you need to take full advantage of the tool and set you up for future success!

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BlueGranite Resources

Learn from the experts, using a library of free instructional videos. Topics cover the full range of BI technologies from Data Modeling to Dashboard Design. No boring lectures. Just a practical explanation of each topic as it's used in the real world.

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