7 Steps to Better Power BI Visuals

Practical ways to apply design concepts & optimize visualizations in Power BI reports 

Recorded June 2018
While it's easy to start creating reports in Power BI, building effective data visualizations that communicate your intended message and establishes a positive user experience is a must-learn skill. In BlueGranite's recent webinar, we introduced 7 Power BI design concepts that you can easily apply within your own reports.

As we visited each concept, we demonstrated them within a sample Power BI report, helping you to practice and implement what you learn. From color palettes to clarifying your messaging, we walked through practical ways to apply seemingly complex design concepts to your reports.

Check out the recorded session below! If you want to learn even MORE, download our free whitepaper for a step-by-step guide to the webinar to follow along with the content and apply these concepts to a provided sample report.


 Webinar GOALS

  • Define and clarify guiding principles of data visualization design

  • Learn about practical ways to apply best practice design concepts to your Power BI reports
  • Practice and apply newly learned methods to a sample Power BI report


  • Recorded June 2018
  • Content is intended for analysts, developers, IT professionals, data visualization enthusiasts, and anyone looking to learn more about designing professional looking Power BI reports


Meagan Longoria, Solution Architect
Meagan is a business intelligence consultant and Microsoft MVP who helps people understand their data and use it to learn and make good decisions. She works mostly with the Microsoft BI stack, doing everything from data modeling and data warehouse design to Analysis Services models to data visualization. You can check out her blog for interesting links, knowledge, and experiences with BI tools and concepts.