Azure Data Platform Workshop

On-site Overview, Assessment, and Actionable Recommendations

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Is your organization considering a move to the Azure Data Platform for Cloud Analytics?

This workshop introduces the Azure Data Platform, with a strategic overview, assessment, and kick-start proof of concept. With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant, this workshop helps organizations understand how the Azure Data Platform accelerates the responsiveness of your business by providing a secure, scalable environment for your data to support business intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data workloads.  

After the workshop, attendees will understand architecture design options, technology components, and recommended first steps for the Azure Data Platform.   


Part 1:
Data Platform Overview


Part 2:
Readiness Assessment


Part 3:
Kick-Start Your Cloud

Expert-led presentation of business and technical integration topics on the value of Azure Data Platform, and how it integrates with existing on-premises infrastructure for hybrid cloud scenarios.

Assessment of current data infrastructure and analytical capabilities, data sources, cloud resources, and infrastructure support.  Readiness report of finding and actionable recommendations.

Collaborative session to build a sample Azure data platform architecture. Hands-on integration of cloud services with on-premises infrastructure, showcasing Azure technologies from Microsoft.

Workshop Summary

  • This workshop is part of BlueGranite's Cloud Analytics Workshop Series
  • Material and discussions are intended for technical and business leaders
  • Location is on site at the client's facility
  • Funding available for qualified clients
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