Azure Databricks & Azure Data Warehouse: Better Together

Recorded April 2019
The foundation of any Cloud Scale Analytics platform must be based upon the ability to store and analyze data that may stretch traditional limits along any of the conventional “3 ‘V’s of Big Data: (Volume, Variety, Velocity), but realistically, must also provide a solid fourth V - Value. Together, Azure Databricks and Azure SQL DW provide the most powerful 1-2 punch in the market across all four Vs, and in this webinar, we’ll take a look at how the Azure platform provides a compelling, best-in-class toolset for data storage, analysis, orchestration, security, and AI!

Learn about leveraging Microsoft Azure for your Modern Data Platform in the recorded session below. We’ll review why the availability of skillsets, ease of deployment, and complementary features of the platform deliver the best foundation for your Cloud-Scale Analytics; and then we’ll look at the data visualization and AI opportunities that light up when you take advantage of Microsoft Azure.


  Webinar Goals

  • Learn how Azure Databricks and Azure SQL Data Warehouse team up to provide the best platform for cloud-scale analytics available.
  • Explore a Modern Data Platform architecture that leverages the complementary tools of Azure to deliver unprecedented ease of deployment and TCO.
  • Understand what it takes to get started with Microsoft Azure for your Modern Data Platform and the types of analytics & insights that can be at your fingertips.

 SESSION Details

  • Recorded April, 2019
  • Content is intended for business leaders and data practitioners looking to learn more about the capabilities and benefits of Azure for cloud-scale analytics.


Leo Furlong, Principal Consultant 

BG_blogbio_LeoFurlong.pngLeo specializes in data and analytics solutions on the Microsoft platform. His work with customers includes solutions for Advanced Analytics, Self-Service BI, Performance Management, OLAP, ETL, Reporting, and Relational Database methodologies. As a Principal at BlueGranite, Leo participates in a variety of leadership roles across the project lifecycle, from requirements gathering to architecture design and implementation. Leo's experience with the Microsoft platform includes some of the latest tools for data and analytics from Microsoft, including Power BI, Azure HDInsight, and SQL Server.

Levi Syck, Senior Consultant

Levi  SyckLevi is a Senior BI Consultant at BlueGranite. He has many years of experience in data warehouse design and development, in addition to working with the Azure Data Platform. Levi also has obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in IT Management from the University of Michigan. He enjoys working with data in several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and automotive.

Bret Myers, Solution Consultant

BretMyers-2Bret has expertise in data warehouse design and development, the SQL Server BI Stack, and Microsoft Office Professional applications. Bret obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Michigan State University and has worked as a BI developer since 2012. He also enjoys working with industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and nonprofits.

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