Azure HDInsight
Ask The Experts Q&A Session

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Azure HDInsight Q&A Session with BlueGranite

Want to learn how Azure HDInsight and the rest of the Microsft Cortana Analytics Suite will help your company transform data into insights? 

azure-hdinsightBlueGranite is offering a free 2-hour Q&A Session with a member of our expert team of senior consultants who have hands-on experience with Azure HDInsight, one of the core components of Microsoft's Cortana Analytics Suite. 

Here are some examples of topics we could cover during our Q&A Session with you and your team:

  • Review Azure HDinsight and its value to your data and analytics solutions, for both cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Understand how Apache Spark on HDInsight provides high performance querying on big data with faster computing capability 
  • Discuss how Apache Storm on HDInsight can help you build solutions to process real-time events for large, fast streams of data
  • Evaluate reference architectures for building big data solutions using Azure HDInsight, and how data can flow to advanced analytics tools like Azure Machine Learning, and business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI
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