Azure Databricks PoC

Proof of Concept to explore the capabilities of Azure Databricks

Is your organization considering Azure Databricks?

Azure Databricks is an exciting new service in Azure for data engineering, data science, and AI. It provides a collaborative environment where data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts can work together in a secure interactive workspace.  Built on Apache Spark, Azure Databricks is capable of processing and modeling data of all sizes and shapes, and it integrates seamlessly with other services in Azure such as Azure Data Lake Store, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Event Hub, and Azure Data Factory.

In this Proof of Concept, BlueGranite experts will work with your organization to demonstrate Azure Databricks capabilities for data engineering or data science, depending on the needs of your team. By combining use-case exploration with deployment and configuration in your environment, we will set you and your team up for success with the tool.

This expertly designed framework will give your organization the tools and knowledge needed to take full advantage of the Azure Databricks platform. Contact us today to learn more!

 Proof of concept Details

  • Use Azure Databricks to explore and transform raw data into meaningful insights
  • Schedule jobs to process and visualize data using Power BI and other tools
  • Use Azure Databricks to explore, prepare, and model data, as well as to make predictions on new data
  • Funding available for qualified clients