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Colby Ford

Dr. Colby Ford is a Data Scientist at BlueGranite. Coming from a background in mathematics, statistics, and computational biology, he combines this expertise to bring AI to everyone. Using R and Python, he puts Machine Learning to work to gain insight from data. Outside of BlueGranite, Colby is an avid genomics researcher. Check out Colby’s website at


Machine Learning & AI, Azure Databricks

Migrating & Scaling Machine Learning Models to Azure Databricks for Cloud-Powered AI

Machine Learning & AI, Azure Databricks

Introducing the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform for Genomics

Machine Learning & AI, Azure Databricks

Recap: Spark+AI Summit 2018

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Cognitive Services Showcase:  API Search Tools

Machine Learning & AI, Azure Databricks

Let Azure do the Heavy Lifting on Your AI Workload

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Recap of rstudio::conf 2018

Azure Databricks, Machine Learning & AI

Microsoft Azure & Databricks = Cloud-Scale Spark Power

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Maximize Your Customer Retention by Predicting Customer Churn

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Become the Maestro of your Genomics Workflow with Bioconductor and Microsoft R Server

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Publishing Predictive Web Services with Microsoft R Server

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Data Visualization for Bioinformatics with R in Power BI

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SAS Enterprise Guide vs. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

R, Machine Learning & AI

ImpoRting and ExpoRting: Getting Data Into and Out of R


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