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David Eldersveld

David is a Senior Consultant and Microsoft MVP who has employed skills in technology development, data integration, data analysis, and systems analysis for over ten years. David enjoys building BI and advanced analytics solutions with technologies such as SQL Server, Microsoft R, and Power BI. He is active in various technical communities. In addition to blogging for BlueGranite, he also writes at


Machine Learning & AI, Power BI, Cognitive Services

Enrich Power BI with AI Insights from Cognitive Services

Power BI

Python in Power BI - Geocode using Azure Maps (Webinar Preview)

Manufacturing & Industrial, Power BI, Enterprise BI

Power BI Showcase: World Energy Production Capacity

Machine Learning & AI, Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services Labs: Experimental Tools to Explore

Machine Learning & AI, Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services Showcase: API Vision Tools

Machine Learning & AI, Strategy

AI Advances Accelerate Business

Power BI

Using Data-driven Images for Navigating Power BI Bookmarks

Power BI

Position Your Team for Power BI Success with BlueGranite Training

Machine Learning & AI, Data Visualization

4 Key Considerations for Building Interactive R Visuals in Power BI

Machine Learning & AI

Azure Data Factory and the Cortana Intelligence Suite

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3 Reasons to Consider Microsoft’s R Tools for Visual Studio

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3 Simple Solutions to Bring Structure to your Text Data

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Power BI with ArcGIS Maps Closes a Critical Gap

Power BI, Enterprise BI

3 Pointers to Make your Microsoft Power BI Report a Winner

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4 Ways Custom Visuals May Impact More than Power BI

HDInsight, Demo Day, Spark

Demo Day: Simplify Analysis of Big Data with Spark on Azure HDInsight

First Impressions of Apache Spark on Azure HDInsight

Modern Data Platform, SSRS

5 Resources to Help You Learn More About Datazen


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