Feb 04, 2016

Demo Day: Microsoft Power BI Possibilities in Finance, Retail and Healthcare

Javier Guillen Posted by Javier Guillen

Microsoft Power BI’s potential spans industries. This cloud-based business analytics suite offers a one-stop shop to harness, view and examine company data. Our latest demos illustrate three different ways to bring information to life in the worlds of money, healthcare and retail.


By using Power BI to analyze portfolio performance, finance professionals can track the rate of return, as well as how allocations change over time. Momentum indicators – including the stochastic oscillator and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) – help technical analysts evaluate when it may be appropriate to make additional trades for the securities in their portfolio. However, insights into historical performance, as well as where stocks are trending, can benefit anyone looking to evaluate and manage their trades. Our demo below shows how.

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For healthcare providers, in our demo video below we illustrate how Power BI can evaluate hospital inpatient admissions and discharge data to reveal what’s driving hospital admissions and the associated costs.  One potential use for this information? To create solutions aimed at reducing the cost per hospital admission.

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In retail, effective promotion plays a major role in product awareness and sales. Power BI can gauge whether promotions are working, and how well, as our retail example below demonstrates. Analysts can also view past store performance to gain insight into how discounts for different item categories and geographies may have improved overall sales. This information is certainly useful for anyone looking to improve sales lift when planning their next promotion.

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