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What Types of Projects to Consider for Microsoft Power BI

Melissa Coates
Posted by Melissa Coates on Feb 10, 2014 08:18
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The long-awaited news has arrived that Power BI for Office 365 is no longer considered a preview product and is now available for customers to begin using for data analysis and visualization.  Power BI for Office 365 is a new offering from Microsoft which combines Excel features with Office 365 functionality to facilitate self-service business intelligence (BI) projects.


At BlueGranite we work with companies of all sizes, so we see corporate and self-service BI projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.  Following are a few ideas of types of projects for which Power BI may be a useful solution:

  • Projects which utilize a Power Pivot model as a means to augment corporate data with additional external data not available via an existing corporate BI solution.

  • Projects which utilize a Power Pivot model as a means for prototyping, performing infrequent analysis, or one-time analysis.

  • Projects where Power View and Excel reporting is fitting (as opposed to other reporting tool choices such as Reporting Services or PerformancePoint).

  • Projects where mobile access to the reports is advantageous.

  • Projects where sharing, reuse, and validation of queries is particularly useful.

  • Projects with customers who have an Office 365 subscription and are comfortable utilizing a cloud environment for collaboration and sharing.

  • Projects or organizational units which do not have significant IT infrastructure or support.

The basis of Power BI lies in the familiar Excel environment for business users and analysts.  Integration with Office 365 extends these Excel capabilities and offers data stewardship, IT monitoring capabilities, and more. We're very excited to welcome this new self-service BI functionality which lowers some of the barriers to performing data analysis and unlocking the "intelligence" in business intelligence.

At BlueGranite, we assist business and technology leaders interested in crafting Self-Service Analytics and Reporting strategies. Our flexible approaches can support the initiative by targeting a wide range of supporting activities, from building data repositories specifically crafted for Power Pivot use, to end user training, mentoring, and adoption programs. Be sure to contact us if you are in the process of deciding which flavor of Self-Service Analytics is most appropriate for your organization. 

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