Chat Bots with Microsoft Azure

One promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is to provide intuitive, useful interactions between humans and machines. Recent advances in AI technology have some proclaiming that intelligent bots can provide the most valuable form of these interactions. From automating repetitive tasks to providing personalized services, it's important to understand how bots can help your business.

Building an intelligent, easy-to-use bot might sound challenging – but the help of Microsoft Azure's Bot Framework simplifies the process while offering seemingly endless possibilities and benefits. With the help of a bot, your organization can further engage with your audience, quickly answer important questions, and direct your users to the right place exactly when they need it.

Check out the recording below to learn why modern bots, with the infusion of AI into conversational apps, are now more capable than ever and how this can benefit your organization. 


  Webinar Goals

  • Learn why modern bots, with the infusion of AI into conversational apps, are more capable now than ever.
  • Explore some of the most compelling bot uses. We'll discuss some of the problems they solve and value they provide.
  • Understand what it takes to get started with the Microsoft bot framework; and how to choose the right team and the right tools.

 SESSION Details

  • Recorded February, 2019
  • Content is intended for business leaders and AI practitioners looking to learn more about the capabilities of intelligent bots for their organization.


Andy Lathrop, Principal Consultant 


Andy is passionate about helping customers employ modern AI technology to solve tough problems and make their business better. Drawing on a diverse background including military service, non-profit work, teaching, and over 17 years in enterprise analytics, Andy loves working on projects that require leadership, teamwork, and technical skills. He has expertise in AI solutions and business analytics using Azure Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, R, Python, Monte Carlo simulation, discrete-event simulation, Power BI, and Spotfire. He holds a B.S. degree in operations research and M.S. degree in predictive analytics.

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