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At BlueGranite, we strive to be the best data and analytics consulting firm in the industry. We provide architecture, design, development, training and support for both mid-market and enterprise clients across the U.S. BlueGranite’s “think big, but start small” philosophy helps our clients embrace data as a strategic asset. With our BlueGranite INSIGHTS Framework, we create roadmaps, build solutions, and deliver value across organizations.

Our “let’s get real” approach helps you easily identify issues and solve them with a variety of Cloud Analytics solutions from predictive analytics and machine learning, to data lakes and self-service BI. Our consultants put their extensive expertise to work to plan and build solutions for industries ranging from retail and healthcare to manufacturing and consumer goods.

BlueGranite INSIGHTS Framework:

  • Stage 1: Discover 
    Gain an understanding of business cases, vision and strategy for data and analytics; explore new and innovative solutions to gain insights from data and improve data availability. We provide workshops, proof-of-value engagements, and QuickStarts to help you begin your journey.
  • Stage 2: Create
    Make it real! BlueGranite will architect, build and deploy new BI and analytics solutions to address pain and realize the projected gain for your organization. We'll combine our deep experience with the latest tools for data and analytics for both cloud and on-premise scenarios.
  • Stage 3: Transform
    Harvest and extend the value of your investment in analytics solutions through long-term support, maintenance, and enhancement. Change organizational culture through the establishment of a Center of Excellence complete with governance initiatives from data management to self-service BI.