data lakes in a
modern data architecture

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Big data means something different to everyone. Every organization has data, and in many cases, it is larger, more variable or more complex than most reporting platforms and teams can handle.

The challenges companies face include integrating, managing and distributing their data to those who need it.

Organizations have tried many innovative ways to solve these challenges. However, as more people in a company want to take advantage of more data, principals are challenged with delivering solutions.

Ultimately, leaders are looking for proven techniques to quickly and easily deliver the data to the people who need it. 

Inside this free eBook you’ll learn:

  • Introduction of Data Lakes and the Modern Data Architecture
  • Ways in which Data Lakes are different than Data Warehouses
  • Specific functions of a Data Lake in an analytics-driven organization 
  • Modern Data Architectures diagram and technical layers
  • How Modern Data Architectures provide faster insights 
  • Considerations for using the Cloud for your Data Lake environment