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AI Implementation Gives Transportation Giant Predictive Insight


BlueGranite recently implemented modern reporting capabilities for an international transportation titan. The new system allows for streamlined, consistent driver scheduling across hundreds of locations, and it’s saving the forward-looking company millions of dollars annually. Now, organization leaders are working with us to explore ways that the capture and analysis of big data can keep its passengers safe, as well as save the corporation even more.

AI Implementation Gives Transportation Giant Predictive InsightThis AI solution will continue to transform the way this major conveyance corporation is doing business. As one of the world’s largest public and private transportation providers, more than 60,000 vehicles comprise this company’s North American fleet. Each of those automobiles is equipped with a GPS-like system that continuously generates and captures not just location, but also voluminous amounts of additional data, including fuel consumption, speed, engine temperature, and more. This massive accumulation of information was being fed to a third-party vendor, and the transportation leader was struggling to gain insights due to limited access to its data.

To get its hands on any of the data, the company had to request it from the third party, specifying which vehicle and what data was needed. The turnaround took weeks, and when analysts did receive the information, they often found it led to more questions, repeating the entire process. To top it off, much of this information from the third party had to be discarded because FirstGroup did not have an economical way to store it.

Working with company stakeholders, BlueGranite conceived a plan to save the transportation group hundreds of thousands of dollars by making a switch to Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform. Azure’s ability to handle the massive amounts of processing required, as well as its elastic scale and “on-just-when-you-need-it” features made it the best choice. The solution gave the client ownership of its data, without saddling them with excessive costs to store enormous amounts of information.

Implementing an Azure Data Lake allowed the organization’s analysts to consume valuable data – querying, extracting, and ultimately integrating it into the company’s data warehouse to generate insights for ad hoc analysis. Among the many things direct access to this data will allow is predictive vehicle maintenance and driver route optimization. It can even help to predict prevent problems before they happen. Using cloud-based storage not only eliminates the need for a massive on-site server and storage infrastructure (which must be continually upgraded and eventually replaced), it also does away with the need to hire extra personnel for maintenance, upkeep, and operation.

Analyzing big data isn’t always instantaneous, but the change now allows this company to have answers in hours, rather than weeks. Utilizing cloud storage allows for a quick-to-market solution as well as tremendous cost savings. Once this solution was implemented, the company can now easily incorporate additional data, paving the way for boundless future predictive analytics.

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