Elastic Data Warehousing with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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This lab provides an introduction to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, an elastic data warehouse as a service. SQL Data Warehouse has a “massively parallel” architecture but appears as one database to users. In addition, this lab explores visualizing data with Power BI, another key component of the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

In this lab, you will create a SQL Data Warehouse, load it with sample data, and explore some of its key features including the ability to quickly scale and pause as needed. You will also explore how to load data into your SQL Data Warehouse using T-SQL with PolyBase, then build a report with the data in Power BI.

Download the lab and you’ll learn about:

  • Creating a SQL Data Warehouse using the Azure Portal
  • Accessing your SQL DW database using SQL Server Data Tools / Visual Studio
  • Scaling your SQL DW compute resources up and down
  • Using T-SQL with PolyBase to create an external table with a file on blob storage
  • Using T-SQL to transform and load data
  • Visualizing data with Power BI
  • Deleting a SQL Data Warehouse database

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download Azure SQL Data Warehouse lab