Provision Managed Hadoop Clusters with Azure HDInsight

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This lab provides an introduction to processing data with Apache Hadoop in Azure using an HDInsight cluster. HDInsight is a key analytics component in the Cortana Intelligence Suite that allows users to perform distributed computing across a Hadoop cluster as a service. It offers convenient scaling, data processing, and querying capabilities that can be leveraged directly or by other technologies in Cortana Intelligence.

In this lab, you will create a Hadoop cluster using the HDInsight service. You will explore how to manage files in an Azure storage container using the Storage Explorer application, then process a sample data file using Hive. In addition to connecting directly to the cluster and using a query editor in Ambari to run Hive queries, you will also explore how to connect to your cluster with PowerShell to execute a local Hive script.

Download the lab documentation and you’ll learn about:

  • Creating an HDInsight cluster using the Azure Portal
  • Uploading files to Azure blob storage using Azure Storage Explorer
  • Connecting to Ambari to manage your cluster
  • Creating a Hive database and table
  • Querying a Hive table that contains data originally from a CSV
  • Storing data in ORC format
  • Installing Azure PowerShell and connecting to an HDInsight cluster
  • Processing a Hive job using Azure PowerShell
  • Deleting an HDInsight cluster using Azure PowerShell or the Azure Portal

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