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Featured case study

Multinational Mining Company Deploys Cloud Analytics

A multinational mining company delivers vast amounts of raw materials, including coal, metal and minerals, to industries across the world. Ensuring worker safety, giving investors financial insight and keeping costs down and profits up, all while meeting customer demand, are priorities for this firm. Leaders here knew finding the right way to harness and use corporate data could help ensure success in all arenas.



  • Infrequently updated, hard-to-read reports were challenging to work with.

  • The company and BlueGranite used an agile business intelligence methodology in order to develop the solutions.
  • As a result, the company obtained business value in weeks rather than months.
  • Solution includes dashboards, reports, or even create ad hoc analysis that they need to analyze operations, financials, production, and safety data
  • Dashboards are now used as decision tools in review meetings, both to explain past business behavior and to make future choices.


global glassmaker retools etl

Global Glassmaker Retools ETL, Explores Future Modern BI Platform

A global glass manufacturer’s goods keep customers comfortable and safe. The company is as devoted to safety as it is to creating pioneering, energy-efficient products that are industrially tough and aesthetically pleasing. With locations and clients across the planet, the U.S.-based builder’s products are found everywhere – in cars, trucks, homes and skyscrapers. The company delivers its products on time and on budget. When it recently faced the challenge of getting important data to its various worldwide plants in a timely manner, it reached out to BlueGranite, a trusted partner, for help.


materials manufacturer gains customer insight

Materials Manufacturer Gains Customer Insight While Cutting Excess Analysis Costs

Knowing your buyer can be a challenge for any business, but it’s essential to success. A global manufacturer of building materials sought to discover the details of its ultimate customers. Because it sells to big box stores, who in turn sell to builders and contractors large and small, the manufacturer faced an uphill battle collecting that data. It wasn’t just names and contact info the company wanted access to. Leaders here also wanted to understand contractors’ buying preferences.


universal parts supplier hones methods with data lake

Universal Parts Supplier Hones Work Methods with Data Lake

Cutting down on waste means cutting costs, no matter what size the business. But first a manufacturer must figure out what it's scrapping and why. As part of a major effort to optimize its manufacturing process, an international automotive parts supplier decided to undertake that challenge. They enlisted BlueGranite’s help. We helped them delve into the Internet of Things (IoT) – the data embedded in the company’s manufacturing equipment – for solutions.



Preventing Failures with Predictive Maintenance Webinar

What would it mean to your organization if you could predict system failures or quality issues before they happen? Preventing failures can help your organization reduce unscheduled downtime, waste, and rework – and avoid costly disruptions in operations.

With predictive analytics, it’s possible to proactively manage maintenance and improve operational efficiency by discovering the chance of a failure before it takes place. In this past webinar, we discussed how you can utilize Azure Machine Learning, R, and the Cortana Intelligence Suite to predict and prevent system failure, and explored the benefits of calculating KPIs such as Remaining Useful Life, Time to Failure, and Failure within a certain time.



  • Discuss use cases for predictive maintenance in manufacturing and equipment operations
  • Learn how to utilize R and Azure Machine Learning for developing useful predictions
  • Demonstrate the benefit of calculating KPIs such as Remaining Useful Life, Time to Failure, and Failure within a certain time
  • Discover the value of applying Azure Event Hub, Stream Analytics, Azure Data Factory, and HDInsight