3-Day On-Site, Instructor-Led Training Offer

Is your organization using R for data science and advanced analytics? 

This hands-on, instructor-led training features data science lessons and topics using Microsoft R Server for enterprise-class, big data analytics. A BlueGranite senior consultant will facilitate hands-on labs and provide material for your team on the fundamentals of R programming for data ingestion, exploratory data analysis, model building, evaluation, and operationalization. Attendees from your company will learn how to write effective R code that is robust to your data structures and your computing environment, and can be operationalized in production. Up to 10 attendees will receive expert-led guidance on the benefits of Microsoft R through a complete set of hands-on labs and training modules.

 Training GOALS

  • Learn how to explore and visualize data with R using best practices for data manipulation
  • Discover best practices in managing large data sets, and perform parallel and distributed computing with Microsoft R
  • Practice building and deploying machine learning models in Hadoop and Spark

Training Details

  • Training material is intended for data scientists and business analysts
  • Attendees should have an intermediate knowledge of R and general understanding of machine learning and predictive modeling
  • Training is limited to 10 attendees

Day 1: Functional-Object Based Computing with R

Overview of the Microsoft R ecosystem. Functional programming for data manipulation with the dplyr package. Data visualization and exploratory data analysis.

Day 2: Breaking the Memory Barrier with RevoScaleR

Modeling and scoring with high-performance ScaleR algorithms. Data manipulation with the dplyrXdf package. Parallel and distributed computing with Microsoft R Server.

Day 3: Microsoft R Server with Spark

Ingesting data into Azure storage. Creating Spark DataFrames and Spark Contexts. Manipulating HDFS data with the sparklyr package. Training statistical models with Microsoft R Server and the Spark compute context. 



Microsoft R Training


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