Modern Data Platform on Azure for Public Health Analysis

Live Webinar and Q&A featuring Azure Data Services

Date: May 28 2020  |  Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST |  Format: Online 

Many public institutions are faced with unprecedented challenges in light of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of the challenges relate specifically to providing care, managing personal protective equipment and resources, and educating constituents, civic leadership is also faced with a need to form safe public policy driven by accurate and timely data and analysis.

While predictive models (Data Science and AI) are what makes media coverage, accurate/reliable data collection and data transformation (Data Engineering) is what makes these models function!

BlueGranite along with our partner Microsoft are happy to share with you insights we've learned while working with Public Sector organizations on modern data platform efforts relating to Covid-19 and other critical data and analytics use cases that are facing governments today.


In order to create accurate data models, epidemiologists need a data platform that provides following capabilities:

  • Ingest any type of data in any format

  • Ingest vast volumes of data

  • Perform batch and real-time data loads

  • Connect to many different systems/applications and consolidate the data

  • Scale up or down based upon need with little to no effort

  • Deliver capabilities in a cost effective and resilient manner

  • Maintain requisite security and protect sensitive data like PII and PHI

Most traditional analytic systems available, like silo-ed applications, traditional Data Warehouses, BI tools, and Python/R scripts, simply aren’t capable of meeting the increased demands for COVID-19 on their own.  Simply put, a new approach is needed!


Azure data services provide a robust suite of integrated products to enable this and more scenarios, providing effective and efficient reporting and analytics tooling along with flexible and scalable data management and machine learning capabilities.

Learn how a Modern Data Platform in Azure enables states to make an effective COVID-19 response. 

  • Connect to many different data sources including testing systems, contact tracing systems, and even cell phone telemetry

  • Ingest essential COVID-19 testing, tracking, and patient data into a Data Lake in batch or real-time

  • Transform, shape, and combine multiple data sources to analyze and predict regional increases in disease-related activity

  • Form an environment that can be easily accessed by key stakeholders (epidemiologists, policy makers, regional health workers, etc)

  • Enable powerful, scalable reporting and data science on a unified platform

This complimentary, 90-minute virtual event features 200-level insights into the scenarios, tools, and patterns encountered when you launch a Modern Data Platform initiative in Azure for enabling a COVID-19 response. Our goal with this session is to help you appreciate the planning and understand the architecture patterns available in Azure to enable the data analysis needed to save lives and get America back to work!

Session Agenda

  • Overview of why public institutions need a Modern Data Platform to react to emerging challenges

  • Introduction to the features and capabilities of Azure data services, including Synapse Analytics, Databricks, and Data Factory

  • Modern Data Platform reference architectures for enabling COVID-19 data collection, transformation, and reporting

This intermediate session is for data-savvy attendees who are familiar with the basics of data management and analysis, and may be investing in modern data platform solutions for analytics for enhanced population health surveillance or other workloads.

Special Guest

darenDaren Child, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect
Daren is a 20 year Data Architect who has lead major data initiatives from concept to completion for Fortune 100 financial firms as well as critical research groups. Over four  Years ago Daren joined Microsoft as a Data Architect in State and Local Government, since then he has been exposed to over 80 government organizations data solutions. This exposure has provided Daren with insights on the burden State Government data solutions carry each day, as well as insight into solid approaches to modernize.

BlueGranite Presenters

BG_blogbio_LeoFurlongLeo Furlong, Principal Consultant
Leo is a Solution Architect at BlueGranite. He is an experienced Data and Analytics Architect with extensive experience implementing Digital Transformation Strategy, using on-premise and Azure cloud technologies. Leo is also comfortable in Management Consulting roles around Data and Analytics or leading and contributing toward deliverables across the entire project life-cycle.

Erik RollErik Roll, COO
Visionary leader equally capable of tactical execution; pursuing digital transformation through intelligent application of Data and AI technologies. I've had the opportunity and agency to tackle projects, both internally and with clients, that have helped make the business impact of true digital transformation tangible and meaningful. I'm passionate about bridging the gap between exciting technology and impactful solutions, and thrill in finding the critical factors that drive a successful initiative, both big and small.



  • 200-level content for tech-savvy individuals working in public sector organizations considering modern data warehouse and analytics solutions
  • Practical examples and context from public health response to COVID-19
  • Standard reference architectures and how to pick the best compute and data transformation options for your scenario
  • Featuring Azure data services, including Synapse Analytics, Databricks, and Data Factory

 SESSION Details

  • May 28, 2020 at 1pm-2:30pm EST
  • Webinar session hosted online via GoToWebinar, available on PC, smart phone, or tablet devices