Patient Length of Stay
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On-site Assessment, Workshop, & PoC 

Predicting patient length of stay can be a challenge for healthcare providers, but it is a necessary solution in today’s healthcare market. There are several key influencers for length of stay, including a patient’s medical history, vitals, and current symptoms. Predicting length of stay can help a hospital understand how long they may need to treat a patient, and what kind of care will be needed during their stay. Armed with this knowledge, providers can better plan their resources around the anticipated needs of their patients.

With BlueGranite's solution offering, healthcare providers can build more sophisticated length of stay models that can handle complex data about patients, facilities, and staff - enabling providers to take a more targeted approach to resource planning and management. 

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During a 1 to 2 week assessment and PoC, spinning up our Length of Stay Solution Offering at your organization is easy. Our team of experts will guide you through the process while leveraging the power and flexibility of Microsoft technologies to build a predictive solution personalized for your organization. 

ABOUT length of stay

  • Utilizes complex patient data to help providers prepare and plan patient resources
  • Answers the questions: How long will a patient stay at my organization? and What care will my patients need after discharge?
  • Predictions are based on historical patient data to anticipate future behaviors from new patients

Solution DETAILS

  • Discovery topics may include delivery of prediction results and discussion, Azure-based or on-premise architecture plan, and Power BI dashboard concepts 
  • Funding available for qualified clients 
  • 1 to 2 week assessment, PoC, and workshop performed at client site 
  • Includes data exploration, machine learning model building, results delivery, and full-scale implementation recommendations 

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Sizable Cost Savings

Sizable Cost Savings

Providers are under pressure to maintain excellent levels of patient care while reducing overall costs.

Utilizing length of stay predictions can help hospitals identify at-risk patients who will need additional care from hospital staff. These patients can be told up-front about the potential for extended stay so that expectations are set early for both the patient and those that may care for them at home.  

Improved Patient Care

Improved Patient Care

Predicting length of stay helps a hospital plan for patient discharge and collaborate with skilled nursing partners.

A more accurate view of a patient's length of stay will assist hospitals in planning for needed resources and  improve patient care by ensuring that the hospital is properly staffed. 

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Increased Patient Satisfaction

An overall improvement in length of stay helps reduce healthcare acquired conditions, improves patient satisfaction and safety, and saves significant costs for the hospital.

No one wants to stay at a hospital for longer than they have to, especially with increased risks for infections and rising healthcare costs. With an accurate length of stay prediction, patients can know exactly when they will be eligible to go home and how they should prepare for discharge. 

Reduced Readmissions

Reduced Readmissions

Length of stay helps reduce readmissions due to higher quality care and planning for each patient.

Hospitals are under pressure to lower their readmission rates, and can even be financially penalized for readmissions that exceed nation-wide averages. By lowering and limiting readmission through predicting length of stay, hospitals can gain a better understanding of overall budgets and save in several ways.