Microsoft Power BI Training

BlueGranite's Online, Virtual Training Course for Individuals and Teams

Looking for online, instructor-led training for you or your team?

BlueGranite's training sessions featuring Microsoft Power BI include sixteen modules developed by our team of experts over the past several years. We provide beginner-to-intermediate level training for both individuals and teams who are just getting started with Power BI. 

Our curriculum-based approach features hands-on labs and personal guidance to help new Power BI users how to integrate data and build stunning visualizations in Power BI for rapid, valuable insights.


With Power BI capabilities and features continually expanding and evolving, it can be a challenge for individuals and business teams to keep up with new visual components, create compelling dashboards, and truly own their data.

Whether your organization includes beginners just starting out, or advanced users looking for additional direction, hands-on training with BlueGranite experts can help you successfully adopt Power BI.

BlueGranite's Power BI Training Agenda

Reporting and Analytics Basics

Module 1: Overview of Power BI

  • Power BI Ecosystem
  • Where Power BI fits
  • Who is Power BI for?
  • Languages of Power BI

Module 2: The Components of Power BI Desktop

  • Power BI Desktop Environment
  • Data Sources
  • Dataset
  • Relationships / Model
  • Reports

Module 3: Authoring Reports

  • Creating Visualizations
  • Formatting Options
  • Layout/Format/Analytics tabs
  • Shelves
  • Grouping
  • Sorting

Module 4: Interacting and Filtering

  • Interactions
  • Highlighting and Filtering
  • Filters
  • Report/Page/Visual
  • Top N
  • Slicers
  • Display Options
  • Sync Slicers

Module 5: Report Layout and Design

  • Alignment and Distribution
  • Images, Shapes, Buttons, Text Boxes
  • Custom Visualizations
  • Data Viz Best Practices
  • Custom Themes
  • Backgrounds

Module 6: Drilling into the Details

  • Drill Paths and Drill Down
  • Hierarchies
  • Drilling, Filters, other Visuals option
  • See Data
  • See Records

Module 7:

  • Datasets, Reports, and Dashboards
  • Samples
  • Publishing to
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • App Workspaces

Module 8: Resources

  • Updates to Power BI Desktop and
  • Sites and blogs to follow
  • Power BI Community
  • Data Stories Gallery
  • Intermediate Power BI Topics

Module 9: Acquiring Data

  • Data Sources
  • Datasets
  • Data Modeling
  • Loading Data from Excel
  • Query Editor
  • Data Mashups

Module 10: Refining the Model

  • Renaming and Removing
  • Data Cleansing
  • Filtering Data
  • Data Types
  • Data Categories
  • Formatting

Module 11: Data Modeling

  • The Dimensional Model
  • Relationships
  • Data Refresh

Module 12: DAX

  • DAX Fundamentals
  • Calculated Tables
  • Calculated Columns
  • Calculated Measures
  • The CALCULATE function
  • Time Intelligence
  • Semi-Additive Measures
  • Variables

Additional Key Concepts and Best Practices

  • Dataset Reusability
  • Consistency Across Models
  • Bidirectional Relationships
  • And more!

Other Resources

  • DAX Studio
  • Frequency of Updates
  • Preview Features
  • Online Resources



  • Power BI Online Training ($750*, 4 half-days) May 26-29 - Register Now
  • Power BI Online Training ($750*, 4 half-days) June 8-11 - Register Now
  • Power BI Online Training ($750*, 4 half-days) June 22-25 - Register Now

    * Use the discount code "GROUP" for a $150 per-person discount, if registering  2 or more attendees from the same organization.

 Learning OUTCOMES

  • Create and share compelling data visualizations
  • Find and integrate data from multiple data sources
  • Enrich data with calculations and other features available in Power BI
  • Explore data acquisition, modeling, and security
  • Review Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) business logic and calculations
  • Understand how to refresh source data and secure data and reports