Power BI Workshop

On-site Overview, Assessment, and Actionable Recommendations

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Is your organization considering Microsoft Power BI for your Self-Service Strategy?

This workshop introduces Microsoft Power BI for Self-Service BI and Analytics, with a strategic overview, assessment, and kick-start proof of concept.  With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant, this workshop helps organizations understand how Power BI has been designed from the ground up as a centerpiece of digital transformation – putting powerful BI and Analytics tools into the hands of the end users!

After the workshop, attendees will understand the value of Power BI, as well as patterns and techniques that help drive optimization and adoption, and ultimately provide insights for faster, better decision making.

What value would Power BI bring to our organization?
How will it make us more agile, help us capture new opportunities, and integrate with current business processes?

How can we use Power BI to accelerate the responsiveness of our business?  What are the specific steps we must follow to realize business value through the use of Power BI?

What's the day-to-day experience with Power BI for our business users?  What skill sets are needed to fully leverage the platform?  How would our organization get started? 


Part 1:
Power BI Overview


Part 2:
Readiness Assessment


Part 3:
Kick-Start Your Analytics

Expert-led presentation on the value of Power BI for Self Service BI and Analytics, with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid data sources and architectures.

Assess current reporting, data, and analytical capabilities. Provide a readiness report of findings and actionable recommendations.

Collaborative session to co-build a Power BI dashboard focusing on how to extract value from data,  develop efficient reports, and share insights across the team.

Workshop Summary

  • This workshop is part of BlueGranite's Cloud Analytics Workshop Series
  • Material and discussions are intended for technical and business leaders
  • Length is typically 2 1/2 days
  • Location is on site at the client's facility
  • Funding available for qualified clients
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