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Featured case study

Regional Water Distribution System Enables Real-Time Analytics

Clean water – it’s essential to human health and the health of the planet. Based in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region, one of the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment facilities provides  clean water to nearly a million people, and treats wastewater, returning it to the water cycle, for nearly as many. 
Radical and rapid technology changes require the water treatment giant to maintain vigilance against potential vulnerabilities in its system. To that end, the utility brought in BlueGranite to build a revolutionary Azure platform that transforms security infrastructure, and furthers advanced analysis, machine learning, and equipment-monitoring capabilities. 



  • Implemented Azure IoT Hub to scale across millions of connected devices and events per second. 

  • Instituted new advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities in a single unified platform that allow for more complex modeling than previously possible.

  • Azure Stream Analytics works with Azure IoT Hub to enable real-time analytics on IoT devices.  

  • Uncovered additional opportunities, including predictive maintenance.

  • Built equipment monitoring app with alerting capabilities. 


azure based bot to engage students

Flexible, Intelligent Azure-Based Bot to Engage and Support Students, Staff

A top-ranked East Coast tech university prides itself on not just keeping up with change, but leading it. Driven to innovate, this university is working to engage incoming students on their own terms. With the tech-savvy Generation Z (born after the mid-1990s) entering college, the university is incorporating ways to further engage this digitally innate group. By automating and personalizing its online communication capabilities, the university can more deeply engage with this student demographic, from application to graduation, and beyond.


rehabilitation contractor uses data

Rehabilitation Contractor Uses Data to Boost Successful Reentry Rates

With more than 100 facilities spanning four continents – Australia, Africa, Europe and North America – a world leader in overseeing community reentry programs for parolees and people overcoming substance abuse wanted to accurately gauge its graduates’ success rates. Knowing exactly what’s working from location to location allows this diverse, multibillion dollar public and private contractor to replicate triumphs while quickly targeting areas needing improvement.


measure student success with modern reporting

U.S. Educator Measures Student Success through Modern Reporting

Maintaining consistent academic growth and accurate records aren’t just priorities for the educational powerhouse – they’re necessities. Much like public schools, charter schools are accountable to and funded by the government. In order to retain funding, such operations need to prove they are earning it. With such a massive student population, this could easily become a Herculean task. For this conglomerate, the support of an ever-evolving streamlined data and analytics system, that we at BlueGranite helped execute, has simplified reporting and record keeping.



Chat Bots with Microsoft Azure

Learn why modern bots, with the infusion of AI into conversational apps, are now more capable than ever and how this can benefit your organization.

One promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is to provide intuitive, useful interactions between humans and machines. Recent advances in AI technology have some proclaiming that intelligent bots can provide the most valuable form of these interactions. From automating repetitive tasks to providing personalized services, it's important to understand how bots can help your business.

Building an intelligent, easy-to-use bot might sound challenging – but the help of Microsoft Azure's Bot Framework simplifies the process while offering seemingly endless possibilities and benefits. With the help of a bot, your organization can further engage with your audience, quickly answer important questions, and direct your users to the right place exactly when they need it.



  • Learn why modern bots, with the infusion of AI into conversational apps, are more capable now than ever.
  • Explore some of the most compelling bot uses. We'll discuss some of the problems they solve and value they provide.
  • Understand what it takes to get started with the Microsoft bot framework; and how to choose the right team and the right tools.