Python in Power BI Webinar:

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Recorded December 2018
Python has become one of the fastest growing and increasingly useful languages for data. Whether it’s being used for basic data transformation and visualization or the most advanced machine learning, Python has broad support for a variety of workloads. Taking advantage of that trend, Power BI recently introduced support for Python.

In BlueGranite's recent webinar, you will see several examples of Python in action for data modeling and visualization in Power BI. You will also learn where and how Python fits into a Power BI development workflow. Finally, you will see how to balance Python with native Power BI functionality and determine what limitations must be considered when using Python in Power BI.

Check out the recorded session below!


  Webinar Goals

  • Broaden your understanding of how to use the Python Script to enhance your data preparation and data model
  • Discover how to employ the Python Visual to expand Power BI’s data visualization potential
  • Discuss the pros and cons of Python use in the Power BI ecosystem

 SESSION Details

  • Recorded December 2018
  • Content is intended for Power BI data modelers, report designers, and data analysts. While helpful, no prior knowledge of Python is assumed.


David Eldersveld, Senior ConsultantBG_blogbio_DavidEldersveld-1.png
David is a Microsoft MVP who has employed skills in technology development, data integration, data analysis, and systems analysis for over ten years. David enjoys building BI and advanced analytics solutions with technologies such as SQL Server, Microsoft R, and Power BI. He is active in various technical communities. In addition to blogging for BlueGranite, he also writes at

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