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Data Lake Enables Leading Healthcare Provider to Uncover New Insights in Patient Care

In today’s data-driven business environment, the ability to effectively collect, structure, and analyze an organization’s data is essential to its growth and success. In no industry is this more true than healthcare, where data can be leveraged not only to minimize inefficiencies and maximize the bottom line, but also to improve health outcomes and enhance patient quality of life.

With the goal of improving health outcomes, a leading healthcare provider in the southeast enlisted BlueGranite to assist in building a cloud-accessible data lake that enables it to process structured and unstructured data alike. Such enablement can deepen the hospital’s research insights, help it to create customized patient treatment plans, and potentially save more lives. The impact of this data lake is far-reaching: The provider manages more than 7,500 licensed beds, employs nearly 6,000 people, and supports almost 12 million patient interactions each year.


When the provider reached out to BlueGranite, it had two specific challenges in mind:

  • To augment its research on disease prevention and cures, the hospital hoped to capture tumor genomics sequencing data. However, collecting such vast amount of data would require meticulous planning for processing and analysis to be feasible and efficient.
  • While physicians’ notes had been incorporated into the provider’s electronic medical records, the data was unstructured and could not be analyzed systematically with the remaining patient data.

After further exploration, it was determined that implementing an Azure Data Lake, reinforced by HDInsight, was the best fit for the client thanks to Azure’s secure, fast, and cloud-based features. BlueGranite experts addressed the client’s challenges by:

  • Creating a plan to streamline data capture and analysis of tumor genomics sequencing information. This allows the organization's cancer institute to have better research insights and enhances the provider’s overall information gathering and analysis capabilities.
  • Utilizing a data lake in Azure to curate and analyze unstructured data from physicians’ notes. The data lake allows the provider to maintain a holistic view of each patient’s health history and expand single patient care.

A secure, cloud-based environment example is shown below:

Architecture Diagram 1.pngAs a result of implementing the data lake in Azure and ensuring data can be analyzed with HDInsight, the provider can now improve health outcomes among its patient population with more specialized and effective care. Whether the data results from research, patient medical history, or even interactions with doctors, it can be aggregated and analyzed to help create targeted treatment plans and prescribe effective medications for different individuals and different diseases.

Putting the Azure Data Lake to Work

If a patient with liver cancer needed a biopsy, test data, genomic sequencing data, and health history combined could indicate that the individual would react better to a breast cancer drug rather than a liver cancer drug. Without having access to all the above information in one place, a doctor might not be able to come to such conclusion.

By partnering with BlueGranite, this provider is now able to easily collect and integrate its patient and research data to strength its research endeavors and improve health outcomes.

Interested in learning more about how your organization could take advantage of a data lake? Feel free to reach out to us and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.