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Data Warehouse Health Check Key to Boosting Business Intelligence Performance

Small companies can reap major gains by consulting an outside data analytics expert. But major corporations also recognize the potential rewards of independent business intelligence insight. At BlueGranite we work with both, and everyone in between. A top medical provider for several communities in the South, with annual net revenues over $1 billion, brought us on board to perform what’s known as a Health Check. It’s where we take a close look at an organization’s existing corporate insight system and analytics practices. We highlight the wins, and areas for improvement.

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Companies having performance issues and those looking to make the most of their data seek Health Checks. We wrap up the standalone offering with a file detailing system assets, problems, next steps and remedies. For companies lacking time or staffing, we implement priorities.  

While this healthcare provider didn’t fall into the above categories – it was getting the most out of its data, and it didn’t have performance issues – it had a proactive database administration team. They wanted us to inspect the reporting system to ensure they were making the most of its potential.

By taking a deep dive into the company’s data warehouse and evaluating performance, we discovered a few hidden glitches that could create future difficulties. Best practices for the company’s digital medical records system differed slightly from those of the database management system. The integration inconsistency meant that if two people were trying to get the same database request, the requests could cancel each other out, with neither getting the needed resources. A slight reconfiguration remedied this. Additional tweaks created greater data visibility. The minor fixes prevented what could have been major future headaches.

No two Health Checks are alike. We tailor each engagement to meet your needs. If you are upgrading your environment, will it migrate well? Is the environment secure enough? Does your current architecture fit your long-term goals? We work with you to answer these questions, and then develop a roadmap for the future. Take the first step and learn more about opportunities for scheduling your own Health Check today!


  • We evaluated the client's SQL Server database performance from multiple angles to determine how the system runs, if it will it scale well over time, and to uncover any bottlenecks.
  • BlueGranite assessed instance configurations and settings to gain an understanding of if the SQL Server had originally been configured in a manner that is consistent with best practices for building a data warehouse.
  • We also examined the architecture of data warehouse environment itself with a holistic approach. We wanted to understand if the environment was appropriate for the client’s processes and goals that they were looking to accomplish.
  • We explored the client’s ETL processes and SSIS configurations to determine their levels of adherence to best practices.