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Easy Access to Relevant Data Gives Insurer Strategic Advantage

As the asset administration branch of a large insurer, a privately owned investment oversight group has undergone several periods of growth over the years, but possibly none more massive and rapid than that of the past decade. Its latest series of rapid acquisitions burdened the business with multiple data source systems. That made easy access to combined and consistent data a struggle.insurer-risk-solution-brief.jpgThis wealth management subsidiary needed a streamlined, efficient way to access and analyze information vital to its success. It knew that required giving its strategy and risk group clear insight into what investment tactics were working, and why. It brought BlueGranite in to help achieve this visibility goal. The blood, sweat and tears of the project included merging and cleansing data from the group’s numerous resources.

By default, the company was operationally very reactive prior to our collaboration.  Users here were only able to look at the previous month’s data. As part of the solution, we created a large data warehouse that now runs nightly extracting jobs and data from the analytics and accounting departments. The new platform gives access to a broader, cleaner set of data through improved visualizations and dynamic, user-friendly tools. It provides the ability to focus on all the assets held by the company, and to analyze wealth market value trends month over month and year over year.

At its core, the system gives risk analysts the ability to better predict the future. By creating a long-term view, the company can manage holdings risk based on history, rather than intuition coupled with scant data.

With this advanced risk analysis structure in place, the group has greatly expanded its investment options and opportunities, including the increased ability to invest in emerging markets. Another benefit manifests directly for the users who have embraced the change: early adopters of the new technology have become its champions, and they’ve also risen in the ranks of the corporation. This pattern has been observed not just here, but across industries.

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  • We utilized SQL Server 2016 for staging and modeling the client's source system data into data marts so that we could provide a single source of truth to users.
  • We utilized SSIS 2016 to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data into data marts. This provides a modularized and systematic way of loading data for easy administration and maintenance. 
  • SSAS Tabular models have also been developed so that data analysis could be done using multiple visualization tools while keeping consistent across reports.