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Flexible, Intelligent Azure-Based Bot to Engage and Support Students, Staff

A top-ranked East Coast tech university prides itself on not just keeping up with change, but leading it. Driven to innovate, this university is working to engage incoming students on their own terms. With the tech-savvy Generation Z (born after the mid-1990s) entering college, the university is incorporating ways to further engage this digitally innate group. By automating and personalizing its online communication capabilities, the university can more deeply engage with this student demographic, from application to graduation, and beyond.

These digitally native students grew up with almost instant access to important information, and many prefer text communication to voice. As part of an aggressive AI strategy to extend and improve student outreach and boost enrollment, this university worked with BlueGranite on a proof-of-concept chatbot for its website. The Microsoft Azure Bot Service-based solution is designed to aid students on their terms, at their convenience. Designed to initially communicate in four major languages, the chatbot is enabled for a rapid live launch.

Higher Education

Retaining Students, Increasing Success

BlueGranite built the proof-of-concept chatbot to further student communications and increase success. The university employs more than 3,000 skilled faculty and staff members across seven tech-focused schools and colleges; it educates close to 10,000 students seeking undergraduate and master’s degrees, as well as doctoral candidates.

From making it easier for potential students to register for classes to allowing current and former students quick access to transcripts, the chatbot uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to ease interaction. The agile solution communicates in English, Hindi, Spanish, and Chinese, the top languages of this university’s students. Besides putting important information at students’ fingertips, the chatbot holds potential for automated outreach or intervention at important moments of student interaction. Bots can be programmed to nudge – or provide “interventions that steer someone toward a better decision without taking away their choice.” These nudges might gently remind applicants they have just one more step to complete their application, then provide a link to a form. Or, when a student asks how to drop a class, the bot can reply with facts about how dropping classes can often lead to delayed graduation, but still offer the choice to drop the class.

Always On, Improved Engagement

The solution aids students 24/7 without tying up phone lines and tying down employees, offering answers to the most frequently asked questions. The chatbot helps students register for classes, or change schedules, enrollment status, or majors, and provides access to academic records and grades, giving staff more time to tackle students’ challenges.

Learn more about chatbots here, or contact BlueGranite to learn how AI and Microsoft technologies can help strengthen your engagement with your clients.


  • Azure Bot Service fosters rapid bot deployment, machine learning, and language understanding capabilities.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services simplifies the traditional difficulties of deploying chatbot technology, rendering the former complexity and cost of manual development (usually requiring data scientists), and the challenge of integrating applications, obsolete.
  • Microsoft QnA Maker takes a variety existing knowledge resources – whether they are on a website, in product manuals, text files, or other documents – to form a flexible, unified, and interactive question-and-answer service and make it quickly available to users.
  • Microsoft Language Understanding (LUIS) machine learning service interprets users’ needs based on user-supplied natural language text. This service also easily integrates with those above and can determine where to route user questions within an organization.
  • Microsoft Translator text and speech translation tooI breaks down conversation barriers.
  • Azure Blob scalable cloud storage holds chatbot interactions to allow mining for insight.


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