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International Money Mover Improves Customer Data

Money transfers can be crucial in preventing personal financial emergency. A Latin American money transfer leader has been helping its customers quickly get cash to family and friends in need for more than 20 years.

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With hundreds of its own retail stores and more than a 1,000 retail agent partners, the company’s services span not just countries, but continents. Keeping in contact with its countless customers was a priority, but outdated, inaccurate information made it a challenge. This money transmission leader wanted a reliable customer directory and they paired with BlueGranite to get it.

Names, emails, phone numbers and addresses can change, whether due to a move, a marriage, a new job, or other circumstances. BlueGranite’s main goal in this partnership was to create a clean customer contact list. We started by pulling customer information from three point-of-sale systems, then standardizing, correcting and verifying the data. We then took the added step of merging duplicate customers using fuzzy matching techniques.

Once records were matched, we created a golden record – a single, correct master record for the duplicates, and used survivorship rules to ensure retention of the best representative customer data. We loaded the final product into Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services for long-term storage, review, and integration into the company’s data and analytics solutions. Our use of Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Services provides a rich semantic layer, and a robust set of customer churn analysis calculations so the company can see which relationships have ended and when.

We also installed the Microsoft Gateway to deploy multiple on-premises Power BI connections and ensure secure data access. Additionally, we are working with the company to teach its users the ins and outs of self-service BI using Power BI, including best practices. Users are now using the combination of Analysis Services and Power BI to create rich analytics to track customer activity, customer retention, and look for ways to implement new customer programs.

There are so many ways, and reasons, to channel the power of your data. Let BlueGranite, a data and analytics leader, help you explore many ways data can work for you. Contact us today.


  • We used the Melissa Data Quality Components for SQL Server add-in, and SQL Server 2016 Integration Services, to pull customer data from several point-of-sales systems and run it through a cleansing and Golden Records routine.

  • We landed the customer point-of-sales records, combined with the Golden Record, into a Customer model in the Enterprise Data Warehouse built on SQL Server 2016.

  • Our team created an analytics model in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Tabular, allowing end users to analyze and visualize Active, Inactive, Lost, and Loyal customers using dynamic DAX calculations.

  • End users utilize Power BI combined with the on-premises data management gateway to consume the customer model in Analysis Services by creating visualizations and sharing analytical dashboards with co-workers.



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