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Materials Manufacturer Gains Customer Insight While Cutting Excess Analysis Costs

Knowing your buyer can be a challenge for any business, but it’s essential to success. A global manufacturer of building materials sought to discover the details of its ultimate customers. Because it sells to big box stores, who in turn sell to builders and contractors large and small, the manufacturer faced an uphill battle collecting that data. It wasn’t just names and contact info the company wanted access to. Leaders here also wanted to understand contractors’ buying preferences.

The manufacturer developed a successful rebate program that rewards customers for providing valuable information on what products they purchased, when, from whom, and at what price. Rebate materials were submitted in large volumes from individual as well as corporate contractors. The manufacturer needed an information management solution to make sense of it all. Therefore, they enlisted BlueGranite’s help.


A major element of the new solution included a data mart for integrating the rebate information submitted by customers alongside internal data from SAP.  The other important element was a new master data management system which reduced the confusion surrounding rebate data. Inconsistent data entry from the rebate program receipts resulted in situations such as multiple accounts for a single customer. We implemented a “fuzzy matching” process that identifies and attempts to resolve most of these duplications, eliminating the hassle of fixing them one by one.

Another element of the information management solution involved helping the manufacturer get a handle on its warranty claims. The company wanted to be able to conduct in-house analytics on which contractors sold the most warranties, what claims were being submitted, from which regions, and how the claims impacted the company’s bottom line over time. The claims data, managed by a third party system, couldn’t easily be integrated with the company’s internal SAP system. The introduction of a data mart integrated with the master data management system allowed the company to do analytics that were not easily possible in the past.

The manufacturer can now integrate multiple different data sources easier and faster. The integration of internal data, third-party data, industry data, and customer rebates provides the company with answers to important questions.

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