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Modern Reporting Helps Hospitality Hub Navigate Affordable Care Act

A major hotel and casino offers hundreds of hotel rooms and tens of thousands of square feet of gaming space in the heart of a Midwestern metropolis. The almost decade-old hospitality hub relies on its staff to keep the many arms of its business running smooth. It depends on efficient management to keep track of employee hours worked and the benefits those bring.

But management had no easy way to analyze the weekly schedules of individual employees across the many different departments at this massive facility. Leaders wanted to give the team a way to aggregate staff holidays, vacations, leaves of absence and rehires. And just as important, they needed to maintain compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), something that can be a major challenge in an industry where an employee’s schedule can change by the week. Leaders here needed an intelligence solution that could do both, while having the flexibility to adjust to the government’s changing labor criteria and requirements.


The company worked with our team to make it happen. BlueGranite designed a custom automated Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and enterprise data warehouse solution that sources data from the company’s time-keeping system to keep information accurate and current. We also used Excel to create reporting that allows management to visualize average weekly hours by department or to determine which employees qualify for health insurance under the ACA.

The new solution helps almost 50 department directors and human resource managers keep abreast of staff metrics. Directors use it to monitor hours worked by employees across different departments. And it allows the HR department to determine the number of average hours worked per week, which employees do not qualify for health insurance, which employees are approaching the threshold for eligibility, and which employees are eligible for health insurance.

If your company is looking for an easier way to tackle ever-changing government reporting and disclosure requirements, let us help you explore the many options. Contact BlueGranite today.

How We Did It

  • We built a database on SQL Server to host the client's data warehouse and to schedule their daily database operations.
  • Using Integration Services, we helped the client to extract, load, and transform (ETL) the data into their data warehouse.
  • In order to model, report on, and visualize data, we implemented a solution using Excel and PowerPivot, which was then shared using SharePoint.