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Trailblazing Pilot Project Launches Multinational Asset Manager’s Digital Transformation

A global finance leader directs trillions of dollars in customer assets. From wealth management to life insurance, the privately held, U.S.-based powerhouse is a trusted name in money management. Making the most of every dollar is critical to the company’s reputation. That’s one of the reasons it turned to BlueGranite to rework a reporting solution that fell short of delivering on its original goals – cutting costs and streamlining reporting.


Headquartered on the East Coast, with more than 100 nationwide locations – the financial advisor’s operations span North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In an effort to eliminate wasteful reporting against the company’s mainframe, the IT branch, affiliated with a 401k arm of the company, designed a solution to prove use internally. The design utilized expensive software created to perform sophisticated visual analysis. The software was not meeting the business users requirements however, and users continued to extract Excel data that they didn’t need to visualize. These hundreds of users pull datasets onto their personal machines and massage it in Excel before forwarding it on; either to a financial advisor or another department.

In addition to the initial solution’s unnecessary expense, a challenging architecture meant it didn’t work as intended. The system resulted in miss-aligned architecture that was hindering company peromarmance. The financial giant asked BlueGranite to design a new front end on top of the existing solution to help users access the necessary data. We did; but after initial investigation, we knew a complete overhaul would best serve users here. To that end, we also put together a new, complimentary back-end proof of concept for the company to test out.

The company’s original design used a massively parallel processing database; the wrong tool for the job it needed to do. Touted technology does not always provide the results needed or solve a particular business problem. BluGranite’s experience with multiple versions of software, with varying degrees of technology, allowed for us to remove bias and provide the best technology for this particular use case. Our pilot project implemented Microsoft SQL Server – a relational database management system— and SQL Server Integration Services to ease data migration and integration. The addition of Power Query allows users to seamlessly access data and transform it in Excel.

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Using Microsoft products, we created secure, affordable, and easy data access for this company, as well as an effortless pathway to transition to the cloud. We’ve made it simple for the financial giant to lift and shift its SQL Server Integration Services workloads to Microsoft’s on-demand computer system resources; a move that could further increase its cost savings by cutting operational costs and increasing scalability. Additionally, we were able to implement a near real-time systems process that ingests, stores, and optimizes new reports, and creates additional metadata surrounding them, allowing fluid user interaction.

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results at a glance

  • BlueGranite implemented Microsoft SQL Server – a relational database management system to store and retrieve data – for an arm of a financial giant struggling to access its statistics.
  • We used SQL Server Integration Services to ease enterprise-level data integration.
  • Our architects incorporated Power Query to allow users to seamlessly access and transform data in Excel.


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