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Multinational Mining Company Deploys Cloud Analytics

A multinational mining company delivers vast amounts of raw materials, including coal, metal and minerals, to industries across the world. Ensuring worker safety, giving investors financial insight and keeping costs down and profits up, all while meeting customer demand, are priorities for this firm. Leaders here knew finding the right way to harness and use corporate data could help ensure success in all arenas.

Though the company had access to necessary data, leaders weren’t able to use it in a proactive way. Rather than providing timely, up-to-date information, reporting methods here only showed the aftermath of decisions. Infrequently updated, hard-to-read reports were challenging to work with. The company didn’t just want to upgrade its business intelligence platform, it wanted to elevate its operations by slowly fostering a data-driven culture – one that would empower its leadership to make decisions based on current, relevant information, rather than just intuition or status quo. Partnering with BlueGranite was the first step.


The company and BlueGranite used an agile business intelligence methodology in order to develop the solutions. As a result, the company obtained business value in weeks rather than months. We used SQL Server 2016 and Power BI to create dashboards and reports that refresh on a minimum of a daily basis. The use of the Power BI Enterprise Gateway allowed the company to exercise its preference to leave its data on premises, while giving its users access to dashboards through the cloud. That means users don’t have to be on the work network to use the dashboards, reports, or even create ad hoc analysis that they need to analyze operations, financials, production, and safety data. They can easily pull up information off site through their mobile phones and PCs.

What this company implemented was more than a tool – it set the foundation for a culture change centered on the use of data. That means giving those who need it easy access to relevant business information, allowing them to make informed decisions. A management team that is buying into and embracing these changes is helping this data-driven environment flourish. Dashboards are now used as decision tools in review meetings, both to explain past business behavior and to make future choices. Leaders in the field are checking performance using their tablet or mobile device – not just when they sit at their PC. Now that they have a timely view of what’s happening in the corporation, leaders here are currently evaluating predictive analytics solutions and how they can be applied to create forecasts and actionable insights.

A data-driven culture doesn’t happen overnight, but over the course of time. We’d love to help your organization start to build yours. Contact us today.