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Recycling Powerhouse Demystifies Deals through Data

What began as a small lumberyard in the late 1920s is now a multifaceted consumer goods producer, from chemicals to construction products, with approximately 200 facilities across the world. This U.S.-headquartered major manufacturer employs close to 40,000 people.


The division of this company that specializes in recycling and sustainability is one of the largest in the world. It partners with major retailers and others to purchase massive amounts of cardboard and recycled products, using them in parent plants or shipping these resources to other companies or third party vendors. This group also often acts as a broker between buyers and sellers of recycled goods.

Need of BI Solution after ERP Implementation

In a major effort to empower its team, the recycling group recently made the move to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. During this journey to simplify its management processes and gain greater insight, the group lost the analytic capabilities it once had. The company reached out to BlueGranite to help reinstate and redesign its business intelligence solution.

We worked with this corporate arm to implement a flexible, fluid BI system on top of its ERP that users can easily adapt to the corporation’s changing needs.

Elastic System Evolves with Company

The new intelligence system gives the division the ability to better analyze its behavior patterns and gauge individual impact. It can also separate the many sides of this complex business by areas of importance.

The innovative dashboarding capabilities provide general accountability, giving management insight into which business partnerships are most profitable, now and from a lifetime standpoint. Supervisors have a way to verify that sales reps are making good deals, and sales reps can now see whether their deals are having a positive effect on business. Through a few simple steps, users can verify pricing and supply chain costs. They can also see price fluctuations over time, the profitability of various regions, product grades, and customer segments, which has changed the way they think through deals.

This big-picture business trends view has also given leaders here the tools they need to better direct future efforts.

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  • We used SQL Server 2016 Integration Services to pull data from the client’s homegrown ERP systems.  Our team then transformed and loaded the data into a business-friendly Data Warehouse in a SQL Server 2016 database.

  • We built a rich semantic layer on top of that using SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Tabular. It provides a consistent set of table joins, calculations, naming conventions, and security.

  • Users connect to the semantic layer using Excel PivotTable and PivotChart, and Tableau Desktop and Server.

  • Our experts also used Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server to create a performance management application that provides executives with a guided view into company profitability analysis.