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Rehabilitation Contractor Uses Data to Boost Successful Reentry Rates

With more than 100 facilities spanning four continents – Australia, Africa, Europe and North America – a world leader in overseeing community reentry programs for parolees and people overcoming substance abuse wanted to accurately gauge its graduates’ success rates. Knowing exactly what’s working from location to location allows this diverse, multibillion dollar public and private contractor to replicate triumphs while quickly targeting areas needing improvement.

In a field where helping people is the primary focus, sometimes accurate reporting can fall by the wayside. But data is the one measure that can identify what factors or reintegration programs are successfully launching participants and parolees into society. It’s also effective at identifying residents who may be at risk of relapse into crime or abuse. 

With multiple locations and a massive staff, this contractor knew applying a unified, companywide reporting system and training stakeholders in the importance of accurate data collection was key to success.


A New Approach to Data

The company started its journey toward modern data collection by implementing an internal census application, allowing staff to enter and track data for tens of thousands of residents. It then reached out to BlueGranite for help creating multiple reporting dashboards that ensure participant progress transparency. The dashboards protect highly sensitive information and maintain security between locations while reporting on everything from new participants and facility populations to employment and housing status of graduates. This ultimately creates a lifecycle view of the program, from beginning to graduation and beyond. The big-picture view allows corporate leaders to gauge the long-term effectiveness of different programs and to know where to make changes.

More immediately, the dashboards allow facility managers to view their location’s performance as compared to other organizations in their area and nationwide.

The Many Benefits of Modern Analytics

In the increasing push toward pay for performance in government, having a comprehensive reporting system in place helps companies such as this prove their programs are working. Such a system can drive revenue incentives or help corporations prevent cost penalties. Companies can benefit by learning from data and taking corrective internal action on problems before those issues become external. Meanwhile, government leaders have the advantage of real numbers to show constituents their money is being spent wisely.

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