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Strategic Analytics Deployment Delivers Fast Value During Enterprise BI Build

Doctors, nurses and healthcare staff work daily across the globe to save lives. Many of them rely on technology from a Great Lakes medical company to succeed. Improved healthcare is the goal of this equipment innovator. The IT team here is furthering that goal with the build out of a massive, multiyear enterprise project.

Strategic Analytics Deployment Delivers Fast Value During Enterprise BI Build .png

The medical ordering side of the business needed interim access to the data that will ultimately drive the long-term project. Data quality was as important as rapid access. An information architect was in place to act as a data funnel from IT to the department’s business staff. But differences in business structure between the U.S. division and its European counterpart made creating a clear, consistent data picture a challenge. The project needed to begin, and show value quickly, despite several unknowns – including size and complexity. Leaders here wanted a Microsoft Power BI expert. They looked to BlueGranite, a long-time company partner, to use the visually rich business analytics suite to quickly create an uncomplicated, tactical data access solution.

Our goal was to rapidly deliver value without disrupting company procedures in the U.S. or Europe; to deliver a solution that ultimately worked for both groups. Our team decided to jump in and figure out the unknowns, relating to size and scope, as we progressed.

Working with the medical divisions on both continents we standardized data between U.S. and European lines of business, maintaining each locations’ preferred methods of viewing, organization and entry. We kept procedures in place across countries, while standardizing data at the reporting end, demonstrating tangible value quickly and creating a solid reporting foundation for the departments to build on.

More importantly, we advised the business team on how to use this as their foundation for future reporting work once the enterprise-level solution is ready for deployment, Power BI will likely be the reporting tool for the entire organization.

Whether your organization is looking for a short or long-term business intelligence solution, our team of experts can help. Among our specialties is tailoring Power BI to meet your needs. We also train your users to easily master the self-service analytics system and empower them to tell their own visual stories with data.  Contact us today to learn how.