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U.S. Educator Measures Student Success through Modern Reporting

A premier charter schools pioneer is responsible for annually educating tens of thousands of young minds nationwide. With more than 20 years in the business, the enormous academic organization tries to tailor instruction to meet each child’s needs.

Maintaining consistent academic growth and accurate records aren’t just priorities for the educational powerhouse – they’re necessities. Much like public schools, charter schools are accountable to and funded by the government. In order to retain funding, such operations need to prove they are earning it. With such a massive student population, this could easily become a Herculean task. For this conglomerate, the support of an ever-evolving streamlined data and analytics system, that we at BlueGranite helped execute, has simplified reporting and record keeping.


The company originally got in touch with us in 2008. One of its goals was to implement automated reporting to help its analysts quickly and easily retrieve data to build reports for ad-hoc requests. That successful initial collaboration has become a multiyear partnership.

Reporting Aids in Retaining Funding

Low test scores and mismanagement are major risks for charter schools, penalized by everything from loss of funds to school closures. This organization needed a reporting system to ensure that if there ever are issues, they are seen and dealt with right away, rather than discovered after it’s too late.

The operation also uses test outcomes and other data to inform and adapt teaching to foster steady educational progress. Customized reporting solutions give teachers insights into student strengths and weaknesses individually, and as a class.

Since the early build-out of automated reporting capabilities, the system has matured, adapting to the education corporation’s changing needs, and the company has built up its own business intelligence staff – a growing group of talented and capable visualization and Extract, Transform and Load teams.

Those teams now have the capability to easily pull data from multiple source systems. Leaders here can also easily see student enrollment numbers. Knowing which students are leaving or graduating helps discover and fill projected classroom vacancies before the beginning of a school year.

As the company has evolved, so has BlueGranite’s involvement. Now that the educator has a stellar BI team in place, we work alongside them, as needed, in an advisory capacity.

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  • Improved reporting data access for data scientists, allowing them to spend more time analyzing data and less time gathering and organizing it.
  • Enabled easy access to enrollment data for the organization to monitor enrollment process progress.
  • Built automated reports to send out to schools regarding student learning growth performance.

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