Creating Streaming Solutions

Using Azure Webinar

Discover Real-Time Analytics Streaming Tools

Recorded April 2017

Whether you are trying to optimize your applications for sales lift or are creating a predictive maintenance solution, real-time streaming solutions can dramatically increase your bottom line. The Cortana Intelligence Suite provides platform capabilities for creating streaming analytics solutions to help make deployment easier, faster, and increase ROI compared to on-premises tools. 

In this webinar, you will learn how you can ingest data using Azure Event Hubs or the Azure IoT Hub and how to choose between each solution. Additionally, we will discuss how to store your IoT data within the Azure Data Lake Store so that it can be mashed up with the data in your data warehouse. Finally, you will learn how Azure Stream Analytics can be used to create real-time operational intelligence.

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 Webinar GOALS

  • Learn how to begin eliminating needs for procuring and deploying hardware
  • Discover the capabilities of real-time analytics streaming through Azure Event Hubs and the Azure IoT Suite
  • Gain an understanding of how to store and extract IoT data within the Azure Data Lake Store
  • Drive your business insights and learn how to increase your ROI through cloud storage and processing solutions


  • Recorded April 2017
  • Content is intended for Data Architects, BI/DW Managers, and Directors


Leo FurlongBG_blogbio_LeoFurlong.png
Solution Architect

Leo has vast knowledge of the BI tool space and has extensive experience in self-service BI, performance management, OLAP, ETL, reporting and database methodologies. 

Larry Baker
Senior Solution ConsultantLarryBaker.png

Larry specializes in data warehousing. He has extensive experience delivering successful business intelligence projects on the Microsoft Business Intelligence technical stack. His experience includes dimensional design, ETL, OLAP, and reporting solutions. Larry has also worked as a real-time embedded systems programmer and test engineer for a medical device manufacturer.


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Webinar - Streaming Data & IoT | Apr 2017





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