How to Implement a Successful Self-Service BI Program

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To make an impact with their audiences, businesses need to be able to take the mountains of data they generate and glean timely and efficient insights from them — but with overloaded IT departments and other obstacles like budgets and security, this is easier said than done.

Self-service BI tools can help by allowing companies to make better use of this previously unused data, but implementing a successful program takes much more than selecting a toolset and giving it to users. The fact is, many companies struggle when implementing a self-service BI program, and some even fail.

Inside this free eBook you’ll learn:

  • The top 6 challenges to implementing a successful self-service BI program, and ways to overcome them
  • Tips for putting together your self-service BI team to ensure your program’s success
  • Tips for establishing a training program your casual and powers users and IT will love
  • How managed services can make your self-service even more successful