Exploring Maps in Power BI 

There are several options available in Microsoft Power BI to visualize and build reports with geographic data. With rapid increases in the ability to track, store, and access data, many organizations have a wealth of geospatial data available to them. In BlueGranite's upcoming webinar (March 14th @ 11am EST), we will discuss various data mapping options, explore custom visuals, and demonstrate key use cases for your organization. 

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Webinar GOALS:

  • Learn about best practices for creating visualizations in Power BI with geographic data and when various charts are most effective
  • Discuss built-in and custom visual options as well as the pros and cons of each choice
  • Explore various mapping data types, key considerations for each, and how to best optimize your audience's experience


How to Implement a Successful Self-Service BI Program

To make an impact with their audiences, businesses need to be able to take the mountains of data they generate and glean timely and efficient insights from them — but with overloaded IT departments and other obstacles like budgets and security, this is easier said than done.

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