7 Steps to Better Power
BI Visuals

Practical ways to apply design concepts & optimize visualizations in Power BI reports .

While it's easy to start creating reports in Power BI, building effective data visualizations that communicate your intended message as well as establishes a positive user experience is a must-learn skill. In BlueGranite's recent webinar, we introduced 7 Power BI design concepts that you can easily apply within your own reports. From color palettes to further defining your messaging, we will walk you through practical ways to apply seemingly complex design concepts to your reports.

Webinar details & goals:

  • Define and clarify guiding principles of data visualization design
  • Learn about practical ways to apply best practice design concepts to your Power BI reports
  • Practice and apply newly learned methods to a sample Power BI report


Exploring Maps in Microsoft Power BI

A well-crafted map draws in viewers with a blend of visual appeal and understandable content. As with any visual, you should put careful thought into how you represent locations in Power BI so that your users gain more insight into the data. 

Power BI has several ways to easily craft maps that work well for common use, which we explore in this whitepaper. Download your free copy today to learn more!