Predicting Customer Churn

Learn about the value of predicting customer churn rates with historical data

In today's competitive market, maintaining a high customer retention rate is critical to success. Understanding when a customer may be at risk to break ties with your organization could help you take a more targeted approach to relationship management, effectively plan for future financial impact, and even prevent the loss of customers in the first place. In BlueGranite's upcoming webinar, we'll demonstrate the value of customer churn prediction as well as discuss how to accurately predict which customers are likely to turn over.

Webinar GOALS:

  • Discuss industry use cases for customer churn in retail, distribution, banking, and utilities environments
  • Learn how to utilize historic customer data for use in the churn prediction
  • Understand how to identify the root causes of churn and potentially prevent loss of customers


How to Implement a Successful Self-Service BI Program

To make an impact with their audiences, businesses need to be able to take the mountains of data they generate and glean timely and efficient insights from them — but with overloaded IT departments and other obstacles like budgets and security, this is easier said than done.

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