An Introduction to Azure Databricks 

Take a look at how Azure Databricks is making it easier to execute AI in the cloud.

Built on Apache Spark, Azure Databricks is capable of processing and modeling data of all sizes and shapes, and it integrates seamlessly with Azure services. This unified platform can make it easier and provide a faster time-to-market for AI solutions built on Azure. In BlueGranite's upcoming webinar (April 26th at 11am EST), we will give a brief overview of Azure Databricks and explore where and how it fits into the Azure Data Platform. Additionally, our experts will lead a short demo of the core functionality within Azure Databricks, along with a quick look at the Azure Databricks workspace.

Webinar GOALS:

  • Explore and learn about the capabilities of the Azure Databricks environment.
  • Gain an understanding of how Azure Databricks fits into the existing Azure Data Platform and what that means for your organization.
  • Get a first-hand look at Azure Databricks' fast, secure, and collaborative workspace.


Exploring Maps in Microsoft Power BI

A well-crafted map draws in viewers with a blend of visual appeal and understandable content. As with any visual, you should put careful thought into how you represent locations in Power BI so that your users gain more insight into the data. 

Power BI has several ways to easily craft maps that work well for common use, which we explore in this whitepaper. Download your free copy today to learn more!