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Introduction to Personalized Marketing with Azure Machine Learning

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BlueGranite’s Third Annual Day of Service

Power BI

The Art of the Disconnected Table

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Meet Our Team: Sawyer Nyquist

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Enrich Power BI with AI Insights from Cognitive Services

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Using Microsoft’s Banking Accelerator and the Common Data Model

Retail & Consumer Goods, Azure Databricks

Retail Analytics: Product Dimension Load Pattern using Azure Databricks

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Why Power BI Shared Datasets are Critical to a Self-Service BI Implementation

Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Mining Showcase: Using APIs to Manage Azure Search

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Delta Lake in a Common Retail Setting: Implementing a Streaming Merge Pattern

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Knowing Subtle Data Viz Differences Makes Better Dashboards and Reporting

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Meet our Team: Angela Henry

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Power BI Performance: Simple Practices for Report Optimization

Machine Learning & AI, Retail & Consumer Goods

Predicting Sales with the Aid of Pandas

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Consider 4 Factors to Amplify Health Analytics Efforts

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Meet Our Team: Leo Furlong

Machine Learning & AI, Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Mining Showcase: Azure Search

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BlueGranite Joins Developers and Industry Experts at Microsoft Build 2019


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